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About Us

About Us

A full service, DAMAS registered laboratory, based in the heart of England specialising in crown & bridge, implants and digital solutions. Established in1991.

In-house Digital Solutions:

Full Contour Zirconia MultiLayer or AmberMill Lithium Disilicate, with or without a 3D printed model.

Layered Zirconia, e.max or feldspathic porcelain veneers on a printed 3D model

Bite raisers, special trays, study models, diagnostic smile design and previews.

Rapid turnaround times.


Analogue Solutions:

Porcelain bonded restorations, feldspathic, pressables.  

Gold crowns and inlays / inlays

Bleaching trays, stabilisation splints, retainers, anti-snoring devices


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Our Services

Our Services

  • In-house CAD/CAM Full Contour MultiLayer Zirconia & AmberMill Crowns and Bridges

  • Cement and Screw Retained Implant Crowns, Bridges, Horseshoes, Dentures

  • Pressed e.max Crowns, Inlays, Tabletop Onlays, Veneers 

  • Composite and PMMA

  • Bonded and / or Feldspathic Layered Restorations

  • Gold Shell Crowns / Inlays

  • Free collection / Delivery / Post

  • Precision, accurate marginal fit, occlusion, contacts and shade reproduction


 Turnaround Times:

  • 2 Days: Glazed Zirconia Crown(s) from an Oral Scan without a Working Model*

  • 3 Days: Glazed or Characterised Zirconia Crown(s) on a Plaster or 3D Printed Model

  • 7 Days: e.max / Pressed and / or Layered Restorations on Plaster or 3D Printed Model

 * e.g. receive case in the lab or collect Monday / in the lab Tuesday & Wednesday / deliver Thursday 

We work with many implant systems, both analogue and digital. Every indication is catered for, inc':

  • Screw Retained / Cement Retained

  • Single units to large span bridges

  • Soft Tissue Reproduction

  • Frameworks - Titanium / Zr / Chrome / PEEK

  • Implant crowns in - e.max, Zr (layered or FC), bonded, composite, PMMA (temp) 

Intraoral scanners enable you to say bye bye to awkward impressions with the option of 3D printed models - minute precision to the tune of 50 microns on our NextDent 5100 from 3D Systems supplies you with models, try-ins (dentures / smile design), temporary crowns and bridges, retainers, splints, special trays and surgical drill guides and stents etc ...

Embrace the future ... now!

Predict the Future with our Case Planning Services. 


Diagnostic wax-ups by hand, or digitally via exocad, enable you and your patient to confidently commit to treatment by showing them the end result before we start. 

With our Exocad Smile Creator software, we can offer our clients and patients a glimpse of the "what could be", by digitally creating a feasible and realistic image or printed model of what the patient's smile will look like post treatment. This is an invaluable tool for securing cases as well as aiding the technicians & ceramists during the fabrication phase, with verified pre prosthetic diagnostics - the key to successful cases.

Our Prosthetic Department offers a full and wide range of denture services for local clients, from entry

level and cost effective solutions, inc' denture repairs within the hour and re-lines, through to premium, 

characterised dentures including enigma life or 4 nature teeth and high-impact acrylic.

Daily collection and drop offs.


Chromes or PEEK frameworks can also be incorporated into our prosthetics, as well and a selection

of Flexi dentures, including Valplast and Myerson Flexi Dentures.  



Martin Patchett
Managing Director
Danny Robinson
Lab Manager
Paula Patchett
Company Secretary
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Case Studies

Two Contact Lens Effect Feldspathic Veneers 

Screw Retained Zr Implant Crown

e.max Veneer & Screw Retained e.max Implant Crown

2 e.max Veneers and 2 partial feldspathic veneers on the lateral incisors

Full Upper Arch Screw Retained Bridge with Individual e.max Crowns, PEEK Framework and Composite Gingiva

On Model Photo

12 Unit, Screw Retained  Lower Arch Bridge. Chrome Framework, Individual e.max Crowns, Acrylic Gingiva

Characterised Monolithic e.max Crown

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Contact Us

Bramley Dental Ceramics Ltd

Unit 4, Cardinal House,

Swinnow Grange Mills,

Stanningley Rd,


LS13 4EP.

Opening Hours


Monday – Friday  8am – 4pm


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